=EF= WAR-History

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Date (dd/mm/yyyy) Enemy Duration (hours) Rounds Won Rounds Lost Comments
22/10/2000EUROWINGS =EW=sorry, no info
15/07/2000=14= BIS =14= BIS00:3003shame on =EF=!!! WHY??? Only 3 of =EF= turned up!
09/07/2000The Wildcards =TWC=01:0541Rematch is due very soon!!! Hopefully without any subs on EF-Side! Thx for the nice game :-))
18/06/2000=AI=Ases indom veis =AI=02:0004we definately need to get back into flying :-))
07/05/2000Outlaws ^[]^01:2041Great fun guyz!!! Not just because we won, but we really enjoyed it!
08/04/2000Skunk Worx =SW=01:0505Please, don't call a DSL-Server a good server in future :-(((
02/04/2000Marauders *M*01:0514NOVA SUCKS!!! But *M* are some funny guyz :-))
26/03/2000Grim Reapers //GR\\01:2505Great game guyz...
19/03/2000F22 United Striking Eagles FUSE01:1014WOWOWOW!! Gotta really repeat one of those great games! Really enjoyed it!
18/03/2000Knights Who Say Nee <=KWSN=>01:1050What a blast!! Fun as always, Knights! Hats off!
05/03/2000StormRaiders *SR*01:0041L3-Season
27/02/2000X-Squad X01:3031L3-Season
21/02/2000Snake Eyes SE00:0000EF defeated because of Time-Problems
13/02/2000Infinity >I<sorry, no info05L3-Season
05/02/2000Black Aces \A/01:0005L3-Season
04/02/2000=14= BIS =14= BIS00:3004F22-Crappy, damn, it's been a long time :-)))
22/01/2000Grim Reapers //GR\\00:3002There were times, when we could beat them!!! Nice flying guyz!
16/01/2000StormRaiders *SR*00:4530ahh.... that feels good :-))
15/01/2000NightHawks *NH*00:4504damnit, where is that Crappy-CD??? LOST ALLREADY???
08/01/2000Black Aces \A/sorry, no info03What??? This result, and we supposed to fly the L3-Season??? Oh well, what the heck...
19/12/1999Wild-Wolverines \WW/01:0530Just like in the old days, huh??? Rancid, it was a blast (as usual) !!
28/11/1999Predadores =PR=01:0004Got our ass kicked again!!!
30/10/1999HammerHeads =HH=01:0030Won a game, at last ...
24/10/1999Black Aces \A/sorry, no info03First L3-War and we got kicked BADLY!!!
25/08/1999UFO =UFO=sorry, no info40
14/08/1999Bad Karma =BK=sorry, no info03
08/08/1999Inferno ^I^sorry, no info42
12/06/1999Marauders *M*sorry, no info04
23/05/1999UFO =UFO=sorry, no info41
14/05/1999Black Eagles =BE=sorry, no info41
08/05/1999Jolly Rogers [JR]sorry, no info32
01/05/1999Pampa =PP=sorry, no info14
25/04/1999Marauders *M*sorry, no info23
24/04/1999=14= BIS =14= BISsorry, no info41
18/04/1999Wild-Wolverines \WW/sorry, no info50
10/04/1999Brasil Squad =BR=sorry, no info05
28/03/1999Bad Karma =BK=sorry, no info41
28/03/1999Black Shirts ߧsorry, no info41
21/03/1999Black Aces \A/sorry, no info14
14/03/1999F22-United =FU=sorry, no info32
07/03/1999Marauders *M*sorry, no info43
06/03/1999Iron Fist =IF=sorry, no info04
27/02/1999Knights Who Say Nee <=KWSN=>sorry, no info40
20/02/1999Whoopass Central WCsorry, no info41
24/01/1999F22-United =FU=sorry, no info26got kicked badly :-(((
17/01/1999Knights Who Say Nee <=KWSN=>sorry, no info42
10/01/1999Pound [PD]sorry, no info40
03/01/1999Black Eagles =BE=sorry, no info61
28/12/1998Pound [PD]sorry, no info34
27/12/1998Pampa =PP=sorry, no info14
14/12/1998Black Aces \A/sorry, no info04
13/12/1998Marauders *M*sorry, no info04
13/12/1998Brasil Squad =BR=sorry, no info14
13/12/1998Black Shirts ߧsorry, no info42
13/12/1998Black Eagles =BE=sorry, no info40
12/12/1998SKY =SKY=sorry, no info42
12/12/1998Reapers \*R*/sorry, no info41
04/12/1998Russian Wolves RW00:2040
29/11/1998Reapers \*R*/sorry, no info43
29/11/1998Assassins 00:5543
22/11/1998Knights Who Say Nee <=KWSN=>01:1540
08/11/1998Bad Karma =BK=sorry, no info14
19/10/1998Reapers \*R*/01:1050

Totals (in Games) Won : 33 Lost : 30

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